Mihajlovski the new president, Gazprom for 4 years

The SEHA League Assembly was held on Saturday in Skopje and the new league management was chosen. The current president Sandi Šola was replaced by Mihajlo Mihajlovski  from Macedonia and three vice-presidents were elected as well - Velimir Marjanovič from the Serbian HA, Tomislav Grahovac from the Croatian HA, and Agron Hajredini, one of the main negotiators with the new league sponsor.

- A four-year contract has been signed with the main league sponsor Gazprom. Some thought this league would be an adventure but it became a reality. An excellent project that should be used to spread handball across the region - said new league president Mihajlo Mihajlovski in the press conference. The league director is Siniša Ostojić from Croatia, while Marijan Načevski from Macedonia remains the league commissioner.

It was emphasized that in order to take part in the league the clubs will have to take care of their obligations along with the rights they are entitled to. The Gazprom contract says that the sponsors will take care of the travel and accommodation costs for both clubs and official representatives. The first condition for the clubs is the quality of the team and the second is a minimum arena capacity of 2000 seats, Gerflor flooring, LED displays and a minimum of 50 % of satellite TV broadcasts.

The league structure should be known by the end of May when the national championships end. The plan is to have 12 clubs - 2 Macedonian, 2 Serbian, 2 Croatian, and one from Montenegro, Slovakia and Belarus. Two clubs from Bosnia and Herzegovina are also planned, according to Mihajlovski, provided they meet the demands of the Gazprom contract, otherwise, they will not feature. The negotiations with the Hungarians are still in progress.


As a sign of good intentions, Gazprom has provided the prize fund for the final tournament of this season. The winner will get 35 000 euros, the runner-up will get 25 000, the second runner-up 15 000, and the last-place team will get 5 000 euros.