PARTIZAN – Those who needed to prove themselves did just that

AUTHOR’S STORY: ''Black&White played some fabulous matches in the League meaning young players got two things - the chance to play top-level handball and an opportunity to develop their handball talent even more''

Author's story - Partizan

After years of absence from the regional league, Partizan made a comeback last season, meaning the 12th SEHA season is their second consecutive season in the League. This year, a team from Banjica played six matches that resulted in four victories and two defeats. In their six encounters, some players stood out and shone on the SEHA courts. At the beginning of the season, we claimed that Partizan’s team is looking very promising with a balanced combination of experienced players and those that still have to prove themselves. We were right because those who needed to prove themselves did just that.
Partizan was placed in group B alongside Vardar 1961 and Tatran Presov. It’s been nine years since their last victory in the League (1 March 2014, Partizan – Metalurg, 23:22). After a defeat in Skopje, a motivated team from Belgrade took the season’s first victory in the Banjica Hall in front of their fans. The negative streak ended with a big win with no more and no less than the five-time winners of the SEHA League – Vardar 1961. In front of their fans, they also won against Slovakian champions – Tatran Presov. In the two quarter-final encounters, they celebrated against Telekom Veszprem.
The whole team worked as one in so far brilliant Partizan’s SEHA season, but some players particulary stood out. Team captain – Nikola Zecevic is an absolute leader on the court and off the court. Next to him, we have Stefan Petric, Uros Kojadinovc and Andrej Trnavac who is in charge of keeping the Partizan’s net safe.
Great performances in the national league and SEHA League, secured Nikola Zecevic another call in the Serbian national team. Toni Gerona, Serbian national team coach even mentioned that Zecevic is part of the ‘golden generation’ of Serbian handball, which is expected to bring a lot of joy to fans in the future, both in the national team and in the clubs. Speaking about the SEHA League, in the seven matches, Zecevic netted 43 times and he is only 21 years old.
On the left back position, Partizan has Stefan Petric who is making a great duo with Zecevic. Petric has only 22 years. He arrived in Partizan in season 2019/20 but this is his first SEHA season and he already scored 25 goals. He is coming from a handball family, and his father is a former Serbian national team player.
Uros Kojadinovc is a 22 years old player who can cover right wing and right back positions. Together with Petric and Trnavac, he won the bronze medal at the Mediterranean Games 2022 in Oran. In seven SEHA matches, he netted 23 times.
Between the posts, Partizan has Andrej Trnavac who is playing for the club since he was a child. In his seven SEHA matches, he collected 73 saves, but he particularly shone in the match against Vardar 1962 when he had 20 saves. Trnavac is only 24 years old and his best goalkeeper years are still ahead of him.

Apart from those players, Partizan has a lot more players who are yet to reach their peak. From their first SEHA victory against Lovcen in the season 2013/14, ‘’Black&White’’ played some fabulous matches where young players got two things - the chance to play top-level handball and an opportunity to develop their handball talent even more.