MOTW in Veszprem Arena ended with a draw

Manuel Strlek | Telekom Veszprem

The match Telekom Veszprem vs Barlinek Industria Kielce was marked as the Match of the week of the first leg quarter-final encounters and it certainly was. Before this match in Veszprem, those two teams met at the EHF FINAL4 last year and Kielce won 37:35. Yesterday’s quarter-final match ended in a draw.
Barlinek Industria Kielce had a perfect start (2:6) with Andreas Wolff’s great performances at the goal. The home team from Veszprem managed to get back on the track but Kielce went on the break with the three-goal lead (13:16). In the second half, Veszprem took their first lead. In the crazy last minute, after the two time-outs, first Moryto (Kielce) scored for one-goal lead and than Rasmus Lauge (Telekom Veszprem) netted for a final result – 29:29.
The best scorers of the match were Yehia Elderaa (Telekom Veszprem), who was also awarded as the Player of the Match, Manuel Strlek (Telekom Veszprem) and Alex Dujshebaev (Kielce), each with six goals. Both goalkeepers – Andreas Wolff and Rodrigo Corrales ended the match with 12 saves.
The second leg match will be played on Thursday, 18 May in Kielce and then we will find out which of these two teams will book their ticket to Cologne and another EHF FINAL4 tournament.