News: #7m

7m - Halil Jaganjac: “I enjoy Nasice more than Paris!“
7m - Kastelic: "I’m slowly getting used to all the running..."
7m - Sipic: "We have to fight for the SEHA Final 4"
7m - Ivic: "No one can be underestimated"
7m - Milosavljev: "I’d like to stay here in Skopje my whole career!"
7m - Lapajne: "We have all the right to believe in Final 4 appearance this season"
7m - Delic: "SEHA is, without doubt, the strongest league I’ve ever played in"
7m - Stranovsky: ‘’I felt like the time has come for me to come back home!’’
7m - Vozab: "I feel like I have unfinished business in Nasice"
7m- Jovica Nikolic: ''Awards are nothing but a new motivation''